Monopoly GO Best Smartphone Online Game 2024

Monopoly GO Best Smartphone Online Game 2024

Monopoly games are certainly familiar to all levels of society. It’s just that the existence of this game has begun to fade in everyday life. Anyone can play this game easily because it only refers to 2 dice being thrown on the game board to get a value/number as a procedure for running the game. It might seem quite troublesome when playing monopoly. The reason is, 1 banker must distribute assets or capital to 4 other players, arrange opportunity cards and general funds, and must tidy up the value of money in their respective positions.

It’s not surprising that the monopoly game is starting to feel boring because there are many interesting and exciting online games to play via Android & iOS smartphones. As time goes by, monopoly games are starting to be abandoned because today’s children and teenagers are more acquainted with technological developments and advances. Some popular online games that are currently favorites include Honor of Kings, Mobile Legends, Football, Pokemon Go, and so on. Not wanting to be left behind with the times, monopoly games are also available in the Play Store and App Store which can be accessed easily at any time. You can find many interesting things in the online Monopoly Go game, including increasing wider relationships and friendships.

Interesting Facts about the Monopoly GO Online Smartphone Game

If you are a lover of game online, of course you can try the excitement of Monopoly Go online. Only with Android and iOS smartphones, you can get the best gaming entertainment with your friends. Being in different locations and places, of course, allows anyone to enjoy the excitement of Monopoly GO with friends in real time playing time. You only need to invite or already have a friendship in the game application.

Different from monopoly in general, Monopoly GO has a unique game appearance with moving image effects and accompanying sound effects. Of course, we guarantee that you won’t get bored easily even if you play for quite a long time. It’s not just about throwing the dice to run the game, but there are tasks that you can complete so you can get attractive prizes and dice that will be used to run the game. Each task given has a different prize offer and you definitely need it during the playing process.

Some interesting things that you can find in the online Monopoly GO game are that it can be played online or offline. When you don’t have cellular data or an internet network, you can play in offline mode to get entertainment and get rid of boredom. It’s just that in offline mode, you play individually.

Having more and more high level Landmarks, of course, shows that you are rich in the game. However, other players can lower or destroy the Landmarks you own, so your assets will decrease. To protect assets from destruction, you can install protection on the Landmarks that you maintain. Whenever another player tries to destroy, it will not damage your Landmark. When you get the opportunity to choose “Shut Down”, you can damage your opponent’s Landmark.

Every player can feel lucky when they stop playing a machine that offers large prize money in the game. There are 3 groups of images in the machine in order of largest to smallest prizes, namely pearl rings, bills and coins. The condition for winning the machine is that you have to get 3 of the same pictures on the back of the 12 cards provided.

There are many more interesting and fantastic things that you can experience directly by downloading the Monopoly GO application now from the Play store or App store. Football games are no less popular among today’s teenagers. There are many types of online soccer games with graphics and players that look more real. Also get complete and updated information regarding prediksi parlay in bocoran bola jitu hari ini.